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18th century drawing of the port at Argostoli
Meet your host and curator!

I was lucky enough to come from a long line of travelers who have been exploring the wonders of the world since the 1890s. My favourite pastime in childhood was discovering the 'treasures' they accumulated along the way: trunks and hatboxes full of the most exquisite lacey dresses and graceful hats, as well as bundles of beautifully-written manuscripts, poems and postcards.
Faithful to the family tradition, I too have traveled throughout the world and savoured the best of human joys: knowledge and tastes!

The George Molfetas Museum Hotel & Restaurant is my way of preserving and sharing these wonderful experiences with you - my honoured guests.


Katerina Dima

Hotel owner and curator, Katerina Dimas
Who was George Molfetas?

The hotel is named in honour of Katerina's great uncle, George Molfetas (1871 - 1916), a gifted satirical poet, publisher, musician and composer.

Greek poet George Molfetas

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